'Man and Van' London, UK, Europe

'Man and Van London' is a Long Established Removal Service.

Our man and van is the best solution to your stress free move in London, across the UK and Europe. We run a dedicated man with a van service, helping people who only need a small or light removal service to get to their new home hassle free.

All of our friendly and well trained man and van staff have been working in the industry for at least 12 years or more and they know exactly what they are doing, likewise or office staff are just as knowledgeable

Because we are the top man with a van providing professional small scale removal services, we are proud of  our clean tidy vans and our friendly, happy drivers and the office staff are a great team with a great work ethic, the best ‘man and van’ in town!

Our customers love our Man and Van Service

"Hi Sarah, sorry I have not got back sooner but been soooo busy since my move. Just wanted to thank you for all of the arrangements etc the driver you sent me was a really nice guy, he worked really hard and we had a good chat on the drive down to London, thanks so much for everything and sorry I am such a worrier, lol."
"I thought I would send you a quick email to say how impressed I was with your guy last week, he turned up during the time slot given, managed to park in the ridiculously tight spot I had saved for him (did not realise how long a long wheelbase actually is!) and then got out of the van smiling.
I was so grateful for his cheeriness as they say 'breaking up is never easy' he seemed to create a good atmosphere and was very smiley and charming and on top of that he worked like a trojan! Please give him my thanks once more."

Our Reliable 'Man and Van London' or ‘Man with a Van’ Service has a Guaranteed Arrival!

For that reason we guarantee our drivers arrival!  We receive at least 15 calls a week from customers who’s ‘man and van London’ or ‘man with van’ has suddenly called and claimed they are not able to get to them, breakdown, time, excuse after excuse or just not turned up at all and won’t answer the telephone. 

Small van and man can safely say that in the 20 years we have been operating we have never let a customer down! Every customer that has booked with us, has been moved by us on the date they booked to be moved, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Our vans are modern and well maintained and if on the rare occasion that one of our drivers has broken down (twice in 12 years) our driver has not cancelled he goes straight to the nearest van hire place and hires a van to continue his days work (all at our expense NOT our customers!) 

As a result, you can be sure we will get to you no matter what the circumstances or how bad the traffic, a ‘man and van’ that will never let you down!

What is a ‘man and van’ or ‘man with a van’ removal service and how is it different to the usual removal services?

So, if you require a light removal or small removals the likely hood is you will need a ‘Man with a Van’ or ‘Man and Van London’ type service, which is where we come in. 

When to call us? When you only have a few items of furniture but lots of personal items, and you don’t require packing, are willing to help with your move then a ‘man and van’ or ‘man with van’ is what you need and that’s exactly what we offer, whether you require a man and van in London or a man with a van anywhere across the UK and Europe we are here to help a ‘ small removal service’ that’s second to none.

Paying for your man and van

Our preferred method of payment is BACS / Bank Transfer / Fast Payment

Read This! 'Man and Van London' or 'Self Drive Hire'?

Why ‘man with van’ work’s out cheaper than self drive hire…Really!

Self drive van hire can be more expensive than it appears!

On top of the hire charge there is insurance, then the diesel (and vans use far more diesel than your average modern car), any congestion, toll charges and parking, furthermore there is usually a large deposit of anything up to £1000 on your credit card which you can lose if you so much as scratch the van you hired. 

You will also need to collect and return the van restricted to the van hires opening hours, not to mention having to persuade friends to help you and bribe them with something nice…does this sound like fun?

Our ‘man and van London’ will come to you!
Park right outside your door!
Fully fueled!
He will politely help you load and unload your items!
Then he will drive to your destination and meet you there!
And it’s all included in the price!  Now doesn’t that sound better!  Call the ‘man and van’ that can!