Storage For Removals Europe to UK or UK to Europe

Are you planning a European move but find yourself between addresses? Your new home, in the new country, has not been chosen yet or will not be ready when it comes time to move or start your new job,? We can help! We will be happy to put your items in to storage until you are ready to receive them.  

European Removals Storage Options

We can deliver your items to the closest storage area to where you are intending to live. Whether long or short term, we will ensure that your items are stored in a place where you have access at all times with no charge for access and no extra admin fees. Your storage unit will be a your own space of a size to fit your items, you will pay direct for the storage, therefore no fees from the middle man (that’s us), we will provide you with the code to your lock which you can change anytime you like, according to your safety and security. The beauty of this is when you do find your new home, you do not have to revert back to us to move your load (although we would hope you would) leaving you able to use a local company or make your own arrangements, with no charges from us for admin or to release the items to your care.

Your packing list will be your guide to what is in your storage unit, remember to label your boxes and bags well, 
paste a list to the outside of the box of the contents, this will save a lot of time if you need to retrieve a particular item.

Collection from Storage

We also offer collections from storage, if your items are being held in a storage after awaiting a convenient overseas delivery time which is taking far longer than you would like, we can collect from the storage company and bring the items to you usually offering next day delivery depending on the distance.

Storage Sizes

As our vans carry loads of up to 12m3 the largest storage we would usual locate you to would be 80sqft, this would allow for a lot of spare space and the ability to move items around and pick and choose what you remove and leave on any occasion, it is a comfortably space storage unit. However, most people will opt to save money and use a space very close to their item load.

We can estimate the size of storage you will need form the items listed in your load and the dimensions of the larger items, below are some example loads to give you an idea of the space needed for a tight storage to a generous storage area. (You should always keep in mind that you may want to add new items you purchase until your home becomes available).

Small Load - Storage Unit Size - 15sqft - 20sqft

4 dining chairs
1 table (Dismantled top and legs)
12 Cartons
2 Suitcases

Average Load - Storage Unit Size - 35sqft - 50sqft

Mattresses 140x200cm
Ikea Bedframe (disassembled)
Small couch (180x80cm)
Chest of drawers
Small side chair
Medium-sized rug
Set of end tables
Coffee table 
5x Pictures
Iron Board
8-10 boxes worth of household goods

Full Load - Storage Unit Size - 55sqft - 80sqft

Bed frame (disassembled)
Double mattress
Bed chest
Sofa sofa
Small wooden desk (Legs detached)
Wooden coffee table
Small side table
5x folding chairs (stacked)
3x chairs
Wooden arm chair frame & footstool
Single futon mattress
Freestanding mirror
Picture framed mirror
3x small wooden bedside tables
Bookshelf 93cmx25cmx195cm
Bookcase 166cm x 155cm x 35cm
14x medium sizes
6x Extra large sizes
12x small
3x large
1x medium
4x cabin size bags/small suitcase
1x carpet bag

Storage for European Removals​ Stockage pour un déménagement Lager für Umzüge Deposito per traslochi Almacenaje para mudanzas

Brexit Has Changed Everything - Before you consider Storage

Just a reminder that since Brexit Removals have changed and you will need a full customs declaration to move your household items to and from the UK from the European Union. Check out this page from the HMRC which tells you the criteria for the duty and VAT exemption if you transfer residence to the UK. Incidentally the rules are very similar to move to countries throughout Europe but the paperwork is different for each country. We are happy to help and guide you through the documents needed now we have left the European Union.